Bookkeeping & Compliance

You didn’t start a business to manage bookkeeping or to reconcile accounts. We did.

Bookkeeping (Catch-Up/Clean-up Work)

This is where the pain starts! We meet you wherever you are in the bookkeeping process and are here to help. We assess the current situation and designing a plan to move forward. You can count on us to process your company’s transactions and get your bank and credit card accounts in order. If done properly bookkeeping opens the door to effective decision making. 

Perhaps you have had a great bookkeeper and they are retiring or moving on. Or it’s your time to build on the solid foundation, to stack up with a technology-savvy finance business partner. Our processes start with discovering a meeting, face-to-face or online. So we start from the very point your business needs us to because we appreciate that every business’ needs are unique.

Timely Year-end Accounts, Confirmation Statements and Tax

We’ll also make sure the tax man’s happy by handling your year-end financial statements, along with all the tax filings that come with the end of another year. We’ve also put a nifty twist on the process so you’ll never have to deal with a mountain of paper – we process receipts and invoices using a paperless management platform..

Why Companies Like Yours Choose Us

A Dedicated Team of Experts

Your team of accountants, led by a Financial Controller will take care of all bookkeeping and financial administration. We’ll do all the heavy lifting. Your focus should be on growing your business, plain and simple. 

Your Timely Finance Business Partner

Accountant4you acts as an extension of your business, ensuring you have constant visibility and resources to reach your goals. We promise you timeliness in our reporting to you, and filing to HMRC and Companies House.

One-Stop Shop

Keep all your accounting, payroll and tax needs under one roof to maximise efficiency. We will also support you for R&D tax credits claim if your business activity qualifies

A Fixed Price Promise

Our focus is on quality, not how many hours we can spend on a deliverable. In turn, you pay for a result, not for time spent.